Sell Platinum in Tampa

Whether you’re dreaming of visiting a dear friend, buying a plasma television, or spending some days at a resort in a golden Caribbean beach, selling platinum jewelry can lead you toward having that extra cash. So act now and think seriously about selling your platinum jewelry.

The platinum process requires the mixing of other metals in order to effectively make platinum jewelry. In making platinum jewelry, it’s important to obtain an alloy smooth enough to hold the diamonds and gems in the platinum jewelry settings. The attractiveness of this silver-white or grayish-white with metallic aspect makes platinum jewelry resistant to corrosion.

It is useful to know the base price of platinum when selling scrap platinum and unwanted old rings, earrings or broken jewelry pieces. The current price of platinum is approximately $1,650 per Troy Ounce. This is a system of units used for precious metal. One Troy Ounce = 31.103 grams. This is the best time to think about selling platinum jewelry, so take a look at those items sitting in your drawers or jewel boxes. At Tampa Gun and Pawn, we are easy to work with and provide a jewelry-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the appraisal of your platinum jewelry.

When Selling Platinum

Platinum scrap is frequently used in the production of household electronics making them able to withstand corrosion and accidental water contact. The PC and Mac Notebooks are examples of electronic objects that contain platinum.

When selling platinum, consider that the amount of platinum used in these articles is higher than the value itself. For this reason, it is unfortunate that these old computers that contain platinum and other precious metals occasionally end up in closets or landfills. Perhaps even more concerning is that fact that with very little effort, these items can be sold to platinum buyers or recyclers.

Some cell phones also contain platinum. Instead of leaving these items in your closet collecting dust, consider selling or recycling them as well.

Scrap metal shops look for platinum in the catalytic converters in cars as it can be recycled. Selling scrap platinum for recycling can be a profitable activity for both parties involved. Further, recycling platinum is an important measure used to control waste in our environment. Ameliorating the environment and preserving precious metals lead to a win-win situation.

There isn’t a better time to sell your unwanted platinum jewelry; prices are not expected to decline as the precious metal is becoming a rarity. World markets have shown that platinum prices are not expected to lose strength this year. Platinum has remarkable attributes that make it exceptionally useful in many industries.