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With today's uncertain economy, now is the perfect time to sell your platinum. Whether you've got one platinum ring or a large quantity of platinum items, Tampa Gun and Pawn is ready to work with you. No order is too small or too large. Tampa Gun and Pawn is the largest and most trusted precious metals buyer in America and we offer the highest pay outs available anywhere. Tampa Gun and Pawn will put more money into your pocket than anyone else! Calculate your pay out amount here and compare it with other companies' offers and you'll see why Tampa Gun and Pawn is the best place to sell your platinum!

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Why platinum?

Beyond its industrial applications, platinum is useful as a store of value. In this respect, if we disregard price, owning an ounce of physical platinum is like owning an ounce of silver or an ounce of gold. All three are tangible assets, so they do not have counterparty risk. Because physical metal is not a financial asset, the value of any of these metals does not depend upon a promise to pay. Find out more about why to invest in platinum and browse the articles in our research section.

Economical and safe

Buying platinum with us means you benefit from competitive and transparent platinum prices.

Despite your long-term or short-term intentions, selling platinum jewelry is a great way to earn a few dollars. Platinum prices have been high throughout this month and the price is more valuable than gold. At times, and especially in this economy, many people find themselves short of cash. Such scenarios have directed a lot of people toward selling their platinum pieces that they’re no longer using, or that perhaps are bear no sentimental value.

Divorces and break-ups have encouraged many individuals to sell their platinum wedding rings. After all, it doesn’t hurt to know how much your platinum jewelry is worth. Many brides to be decide to sell their engagement rings after a wedding cancellation takes place, after a loved one has passed on, or simply to get out of credit card debt.

At Tampa Gun and Pawn, we make it easy for consumers to sell platinum jewelry. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service staff that is readily available to assist customers with selling platinum jewelry or selling scrap platinum.