Car Audio Equipment

Have you been looking to put an audio system in your car but just haven’t been able to afford it? Let Tampa Gun & Pawn sell you a used system. All of our car audio is tested and up to specification. We do not buy worn or damaged equipment. We offer the best prices in Tampa for car audio equipment.
With stock systems getting more sophisticated and automakers adding new technologies such as music-player integration and Bluetooth audio, it's easy for the average consumer to become confused about his car's audio hardware. Knowing what's important in an audio system is crucial if you want to be pleased long after your initial purchase. Let Tampa Gun & Pawn answer all your questions regarding car audio, we will set you in the right direction to make an insightful purchase.
New car audio equipment can be expensive, but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your car audio system. Tampa Gun & Pawn only buy’s quality equipment that works. We will sell you a quality system at a reduced cost to buying the equipment new. Not everyone can afford a new car audio system but most can afford a used system.
Looking to upgrade your system? Tampa Gun & Pawn will sell you components below retail value. Broken component in your system? Let Tampa Gun & Pawn sell you a replacement at minimal cost! Tampa Gun & Pawn has the most competitive prices on car audio equipment in Tampa, FL.
Tampa Gun & Pawn will buy your used car audio equipment at a great price! We have been in the business since 1979 and are experienced in all types of car audio.
Let us buy your used speaker systems, decks, amps, and hardware. We are happy to make an offer on all working equipment, we will inspect the equipment and provide an appraisal according to the value and upkeep of the equipment.
Looking to Turn your Stereo system into cash, let us take a look at your system and make you an offer. We check the value of your equipment from reputable sources and will always make a fair offer.
Have equipment that you haven’t been able to sell, let us make you an offer. Often times audio equipment is valuable for the components or recycle value. Tampa Gun & Pawn will buy your car audio equipment whether it’s new or old.
Are you looking to upgrade your car audio system? We will give you top dollar for your old equipment! Car audio equipment is always improving, don’t sit around and let the value of your old equipment decrease. Tampa Gun & Pawn will buy single components or your whole system, don’t by shy, we’ll make you an offer!

Brands we Carry

  • Alpine
  • Audiobon
  • Polk
  • MTX
  • JBL